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dhcp issues over wireless

Suresh Varghese


i have a windows dhcp server in vlan 6 (inside vlan)

i have configured 3 scopes in this dhcp server, all on different subnets

the vlan gateway for each WLAN is on my core 45xx with smart-relay enabled globally and ip helper-address command given in each vlan configuration.

my inside vlan dhcp assignment to users over wireless is working

the other 2 vlans are not able to get dhcp assignments.

please assist if anyone has any inputs or solution to this case.


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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru Hall of Fame Guru
Hall of Fame Guru

Have you tested the clans with a wired device to verify its working?  If you have a WLC, by default it will proxy the DHCP request unless you disable that. Now on the dynamic interfaces of the WLC, did you specify the IP address of your DHCP server's?


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i have tested the laptop by connecting it to both respective vlans on the core 45xx but i dont get ip through the dhcp server, but if i put static IP from that subnet and connect it thru wire into that vlan then it works.

Yes i had tried putting the IP address of the dhcp server on the dynamic initerfaces on the WLC but was not working still.

I have attached screen shot from my WLC 2125 of one of the vlans which is not working

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