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dhcp option 43 - WLC

Pravin Pillai
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Level 1

Hi Is there any command on the WLC to check the configured value of dhcp option 43?                  

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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Well if you console into an access point, you can see if option 43 works because in the output it will show you that the ap learned the WLC address through dhcp. Other than that way, I don't think there is another way.

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I Agree with Scott.

Since it is an option defined on your DCHP server & provides to AP when it requesting an IP from a DHCP server, you cannot run a command on WLC & get this information. AP console would be the easiest way to see what WLC ip configured in option 43 unless you can see it on DHCP server itself. None of them available then you need to sniff packets when AP is booting up

Once AP complete the WLC hunting process (static, DNS, DHCP option 43,broadcast), it will initiate the AP registration process where it starts to communicate with a WLC (CAPWAP discovery request & response msg). In this CAPWAP discovery request AP indicate from which method (static, DNS, DHCP, broadcast) it learns WLC address (see Message Element Type). You have to sniff packets to see this information & refer below post for more details



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