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Disconnections handheld (android 10) with Cisco 9800


I have a cisco 9800 version C9800-L-C version 16.12.05 and my access are 9120.

In my network i have some handheld Honeywell CK65 with android 10.


But with these handhelds I have had problems during the day they suffer from disconnections.


My SSID is, MAC Filtering with WPA2, FT enable, session time 1800.


I executed a debug i can see the next.


Deleting the client, reason: 24, CO_CLIENT_DELETE_REASON_SESSION_TIMEOUT, Client state S_CO_RUN

Having this log my idea will be increase the session time and maybe 802.11k i dont have another idea.

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I assume your Honeywell CK65's are deployed at a warehouse or a plant.

Troubleshooting wireless disconnections on these scenarios is tricky, and helpinh here with only a single line from a debug is almost impossible, as this could be due to collisions (hidden node), interference, insufficient cell overlap, real timeouts due to congestion on the LAN side (if you are using 802.1X), software defects in one side (client) and the other (infrastructure)... and so on.

First of all you need to have a good WLAN design performed by an experienced professional in order to reduce excesive CCI and guarantee seamless roaming with the use of proper antennas, then you need to configure the WLAN profile and the RF features to match the specifications of the client devices.

My check list will be:

  • whether the issues are only on an isolate area or not
  • if only specific client devices are affected (or all of them)
  • check antenna orientation in those areas
  • check Tx power and manually configure channels to avoid CCI
  • disable vendor features such as load balance, band steering, Aironet IE or optimized roaming
  • then try to start disabling dot11 ammedments such as dot11r/k/v/w
  • disable dot11ax globally
  • disable device-analytics under WLAN profile
  • is there is an updated firmware for clients and for Cisco APs? Developers use to fix defects with every new release

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