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Drop in associated/authenticated clients every hour

Hi all.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing this:


It seems that the drops in clients occur every hour. And yes... we've got reports of unstable wireless connections, but no one reports drops every hour.

So my question is: are there any jobs on the wireless controllers or APs that execute every hour doing some kind of cleanup? This is not related to software version on the wireless controllers. Because we see the same graph on both WiSM and CT5760.

Viten Patel
Cisco Employee

no there are no jobs that run periodically. you may need to see if there are RF related issues. also is your PI doing any polling every hour?

Hi again.

I don't think that PI is the source of the problem here. But I will look into it.

The reason why I don't think that PI is doing this, is that I did a SSH session to a WLC and issued a "show client summary" every minute for about 10-15 minutes. And during the time period that PI illustrates this drop in clients, I actually see a similar drop in the number of clients on the controller.

So the question then is; what can cause this and why is the drop occurring on all of our 22 WLCs at the same time?

By default the wlan is set up to deauth users every 1800 seconds (30 minutes). Yiu can find this setting under the advance tab. It's called session timeout .. See if that was changed to 3600 seconds. 


After checking that I would ID the devices doing this. Try and determine any similarities or difference between devices doing this and ones that aren't. 

If you can reproduce it .. Get a few of these decide and lab them while debug is on the wlc and maybe even a over the air packet capture .. 

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Hi again and sorry for the delay in response.

The session timeout on the WLAN is 28800 seconds (8 hours).

I've managed to find one AP with a large amount of disconnects every hour. Anyone have any good debug commands to run on an AP to see what is causing this?

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