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EWC 9120 and SNMP


Hi Team.

I have configured snmp (via CLI) in a EWC.

Now when I try to ask for SNMP it answers me, but when I list all the things I can ask it for I get much less answers than when I did it to the old 5520 physical controller.

Is there any possibility to increase the number of possible answers by SNMP or is it somehow "limited" with respect to a physical WLC?


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what is IOS XE code running on EWC? check any new MIB available in the download section try ?

by the way, can you give example of what output you did not see to verify (if there is any limitation ?)



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The version is 17.06.04.

The mibs must be instaled in the controller or in the SNMP server??


on the NMS Server to get OID scanned


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Karsten Iwen
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VIP Mentor

Here is a quite good guide for SNMP on the 9800/EWC. You should at least see the results as in this guide. But there are some limitations compared to the AireOS world. For example with AP count and some others.

Hi Karsten,

Indeed, we had already seen this guide. But in the case of the EWC it is not quite real, for example, to configure the SNMP it has to be via CLI, via web interface it is not possible.

I think that there are many more limitations in the EWC environment than in a physical controller.


Yes, the EWC is stripped down in many ways. But also for the controller, the GUI config eventually ends in the CLI config. The result should be the same.

Rich R
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VIP Advisor

Short answer: many MIBs implemented in AireOS have not been implemented in IOS-XE WLC.

Cisco now concentrates on streaming telemetry although they have added some of the old MIBs.  Check the release notes for any additions.

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