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factory reset on older standalone 1500 access point

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

have been searching for this on various forums and have yet to find a procedure for how to factory reset an older model 1522/24 outdoor access point.  i've been given an older decommissioned AP for use with a .org organization and it still has passwords and configs from previous deployment that i need to clear out, and then deploy from scratch, so am looking for factory reset procedure that does not include using WLC GUI since it's not currently associated to a WLC.  i do have a successfully deployed WLC with a dozen indoor LWAP's and this one is planned for outdoor use on that same system.  any URL's or guidance is requested, happy to do my own reading / study if I can get pointed to the correct doc.   thank you.  rick.

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Thank you, yes, rest button only power cycles the AP, does not work like the reset/mode button of other indoor AP's.

Will check out the other article, I don't have the enable password, so that may be problematic.  Thank you, I'll report back with the outcome.   :-)

The reset button on the 1522 does not work the way you think it does.  I would still appreciate any guidance that can be shared for how to factory reset a 1522 AP if the unit is not registered to a WLC, and the enable password is unknown.


Hello Rinoonan, Did you ever find a resolution for this? Having same issue. Any info you may have is welcome..



Well, here's to answering my own question.. Found solution to resetting default password on AIR-LAP 1522AG-A-K9:
No, reset and power on - do not work! 1st, I interrupted initialization (reboot) by escaping out. escaped again, which brought me to ap: prompt. 2nd, from there, I renamed flash:config.txt to flash:config.old deleted flash file; delete flash:env_vars and did a reset.
At that point, I can login using username: Cisco - Password: Cisco - enable: Cisco. Once in, device could be reconfigured..
Credit to all in the community, who contributed to finding resolution.
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