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GoogleEarth maps and WCS

David Ritter

I open GE 6.2.2 and placed stick-pins in 7 locations representing OEAP sites.  Named each site according to the AP hostname and saved the file as OEAP.kml

I clear myplaces tree in GE (turn off OEAP).

I open the saved OEAP.kml file and GE opens to the approx geographic center of the stick-pin cluster with stick-pins and lables showing.

I import the OEAP.kml file into WCS.

WCS evaluates the stick-pin names for database matches and if you spell everything properly then all is OK.

I added GoogleEarth Location to the monitor AP list.

I don't have a clue as to what happens next:

When I select an OEAP AP and poke the GEL button for the AP, the system ALWAYs creates an export .kml file that targets the Left most Geo point in the file WITHOUT stickpins..  Gee without stickpins,  the service desk user have no idea what they are looking at.

When I removed the Left most Geo point, something remembers. 

When I recreated the OEAP.kml file without the left most ap, the results are still the same..

Any ideas?

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