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Guest Configuration on ISE 2.7 and vWLC 8.10.121

Jim Blake

I've been attepting to get ISE 2.7 (the latest eval version I have) and vWLV (again, the latest version I have access to) to work nicely together in my Lab. I got EAP-TLS working quite quickly, possibly because I've done it so many times in production environments, but I'm struggling with Guest.


I have been guided by which I would have thought would have been the best reference (Thanks Jason!), but I am not getting Guest access to work as I expect. I think that may be because of something different between ACLs and FlexACLs on the later versions of the WLC, which I'm very unsure about.

I got somewhere using as a guide, but once again, there appears to be something I don't know about the different configuration for a vWLC rather than a physical WLC.


Is there a definitive document for ISE 2.7 and vWLC 8.10.121, or is there a document has *nearly* the latest versions?...I want to be comfortable with, if not "bleeding edge" revision, then at least very recent revisions.


Thanks Guys





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Is your ssid in local switching or central switching?
On the 2nd link, you can see a screenshot where FlexConnect local switching is disabled and doing so with following each steps, Guest is going to work.
If you want to guest using FlexConnect, you need to configure flexconnect acl. Here is a link that can help you:

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