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Muhammed Adnan

How to enforce country code against specific APs / AP groups?

Hello Experts, 


How do we enforce APs selectively to pick the country code of choice?

On my controller, I have 3 country codes(QA,SA & US) configured. There are certain APs that I want specifically to pick one country code ie S.A. I don't find any means to do so. 


selectively configuing countyr code of choic.png


In Aruba, it has been made possible by configuring a Regulatory domain profile against the AP group. 

Are there any similar option available in WLC codes 8.3/ later.

Aruba snippet.png

Muhammed Adnan

Only option by this appears to be possible is going to the each individual AP and changing the country code via advance options. However doing it against each individual AP will be quite time consuming, so looking out for alternate means.

-E Domain APs:E domain AP.png

-A domain APs

A domain APs.png

Hi @Muhammed Adnan

 In theory you don't need to do that. The AP is shipped based on a fix regulatory domain. So, for example, partnumber A means North America. This means that if you have US enable among Countries on the WLC AP will join.

 Lets say you have AP in a different country with the respective partnumber and Country enable, it will match the wlc config and join.

 The bottom line is that don't make sense you try to divide AP by country if they are already made this way. You only need to allow the respective country on your wlc.


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The AP is shipped based on a fix regulatory domain is not always the case Flavio. 


For middle east region, the outdoor APs gets shipped with -M regulatory domain. However for indoor APs, there wasn't an option select -M domain APs. Could not check whats the status as of today as the Estimate site is down(usually it would be down on sundays).


For indoor APs in middle east region, regulatory domain restriction of -E domain (Europe) would apply. Thus we opt for -E domain indoor APs for purchase in middle east region. With this we have a unique problem, -E domain APs with country code QA configured will have its 5 GHz radios down, however if we set the country code to other country in middle east eg SA, then the 5 GHz radio will come up. This is a weird issue in code, have opened a TAC case though. 

This is the scenario that would make it appear to make sense to enforce country code through AP groups.

It is possible to suggest a feature to Cisco but this may take time. The thing is, as it is today I don't see how to divide AP by country aside from country code and partnumber.

 Maybe you can use some script to check if 5.0 ghz is down and if does, change the country.


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Changing the Country from the original  (QA) to something else (SA) would work. However I had tough time convincing customers in most of the deployments in my region. Its obvious for customers not to see a differently configured country code on their devices.


The compliance page has no information for the indoor APs in Qatar regulatory domain. However for other countries in middle east domain, the complaince page suggest -E domain Aps. Thats the reason we had -E domain APs for Qatar. But -E domain indoor Aps with country code QA configured comes with a downside that 5 GHz radio will not come up.


WLAN compliance lookup.png

I see. This is something Cisco should handle. You can push them however this may take time.

 Meanwhile, you are going to have explain your customers though.


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