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How to force a connection to a specific LTE Band ( Cisco 1117 LTE )

Hello all,

Iam new to this forum and also new in the Cisco world so sorry if I dont understand things right away.

I would like to know if there is a way to force a connection to a specific LTE Band.
I noticed that the LTE router sometimes connect to a LTE band that has a "bad" signal strenght.
In this example my router is connected to LTE band 3. Thats the 1800mhz frequenty. 
But as you can see i have a RSRP of -116dBm and a RSRQ of -17dB. From my understanding thats a realy bad signal.
LTE band 20, the 800mhz frequenty has a way better signal but still the Cisco decides to connect to LTE band 3.

We also experience this on other routers on different bands. In most cases the LTE band 3 has a good signal strenght but then the Cisco decides to connect to LTE band 1, the 2100Mhz frequenty. 

On some places we already replaced the antenna with a way stronger one, even installed it on the roof. 
But the Cisco keeps connecting to the highest frequenty band he sees and dont seem to care about the signal strenght.

We use Cisco 1117 LTE routers. 

Hopefully there is someone that can help me out

Radio Information
Radio power mode = online
LTE Rx Channel Number = 1300
LTE Tx Channel Number = 19300
LTE Band = 3
LTE Bandwidth = 20 MHz
Current RSSI = -80 dBm
Current RSRP = -116 dBm
Current RSRQ = -17 dB
Current SNR = 0.4 dB
Physical Cell Id = 116
Number of nearby cells = 4
Idx PCI (Physical Cell Id)
1 116
2 85
3 110
4 69
Radio Access Technology(RAT) Preference = AUTO
Radio Access Technology(RAT) Selected = LTE

VIP Collaborator

it is not just de "Cisco  decides to....."

the modem is also steered by the cellular provider to use a certain band (/ tower)
it will dynamically connect to another band when conditions and bandwith demand require this.


Iam still wondering if there is a way to force a connection to a certain band ?




you need to shutdown you all cellular interfaces and after that to use this command .


cisco# cellular 0/2/0 lte technology lte 

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