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How to force AP18xx to accept WLC certificate


Hello All,


My client bought a vWLC in "small" version but today needs a "large" version as he must deal with more than 200 APs.

We have installed a new VM in version 8.2.170 (his small is in 8.2.151) and had no problem adding the configuration or migrating AP1600 or AP1700.

As for his AP 1852 and 1832, they cannot join the new WLC because of failed/expired certificate.


My colleague told me he had the same problem and had to erase the AP's config before the AP accepted to associate to the new controller.

The problem here is that the client has more than 100 18xx APs and it would be terribly complex to erase the config and modify the primary controller.


Does anyone know a way to force the APs to accept the "large"vWLC's certificate ?


Thank you for your help



L2 Support Technician

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just for the record it'not the ap that rejects the vWLC's certificate, but the WLC that rejects the AP's certificate


try this command on the vWLC (Field Notice: FN - 63942 )

ap cert-expiry-ignore {mic|ssc} enable

Hi Pieterh,


Thanks for your answer.

I have tried the command but it says that it is already enabled for both mic and ssc.



Can you check if you're maybe also affected by this bug (same error message in boot log on console of AP):

There are a few other similar bugs, but 8.2.x is never mentioned as an affected release. Could still be affected though: vwlc&pf=prdNm&sb=anfr

Hi Anne,


Can you pls help with below two outputs from AP and WLC.


WLC: sh sysinfo

AP: sh version

Sathiyanarayanan Ravindran

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I have attached the sysinfo and the show version of one 1850 which is still on the first controller, and of another one which is not associated.



The 1850KO did not get a valid IP address or is not able to reach the gateway with the supplied DHCP configuration.
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