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increase throughput

Dhikra Marghli



I have access point installed a solar panel  and is next to the GSM cellular network antenna   Telecom


SO   i have two problem !!


1)  i want to know if  solar panel  and GSM cellular network antenna are  two reasons for low throughput !!! ??


problem : low throughput !!! 


2)  how i increase throughput  for this environment  !!!!  (  installed solar panel and near  GSM cellular network antenna ) !!!?



i wait a reply and solution for two  probelm !!



thanks in advance

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Dhikra Marghli

i wait a reply for two problem !!!


1)  solar panel  and GSM cellular network antenna are  two reasons for low throughput !!!!!


2)  increase throughput  for this environment  !!!!




 -1) Have you proven item 1 or are you suspecting it ? -2) There can be many other reasons for low throughput viewed from the WiFi perspective only.


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the access point has been installed in the solar panel. I believe in electric field

and also it is near access point we have a cellular GSM antenna.Also access point and the cellure antenna are the same crossed band .
then the throughput will be low from 13 MBits to 1 Mbits !!


So  what is solution that increase throughput  ?? 


what is the distance between AP and and  a cellular GSM antenna. !!!?? that allow no collision !!!


if the solar panel is a obstacle to decrease throughput   !!!



Can you show us a picture?
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You need to provide more info. Like show us a picture and tell us what equipment you have and code version, what throughput you are getting and what you are expecting.
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