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issue for connecting iPad to Reflection in laptop via Cisco WLC

                   Hi guys,  recently we have purchased Reflection - an AirPlay mirroring software. Basically install Reflection in the laptop and you can view the screen of the iPad or iPhone via wireless network. we have tested in home wireless network no problem, but when connect to the cisco network, the iPad didn't recognize the REFLECTION installed in the laptop.

we are running WLC 5508,  WLAP AP-1331AG, 

we can ping from laptop to the iPad

laptop and ipad can access network without any issue.

there is no any application port has been blocked between the client via wifi

extra details for REFLECTION:

would appreciate if you have any guestion or expereienced same issue and know the answer... Cheers.    Roy

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First off, have you gotten airplay to work in general? Can you mirror your iPad to an Apple TV? If not, then you need to look at this link:

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Is the reflection device on the same subnet as the iPad ? Does it use multicast ?

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"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

hi all, thanks for the swift reply.   especially to Scott, the link is very usful, I have confgured the WLC according to the documentation, but problem still persists.

The Reflection is basically acting as Apple TV and in the home wireless network it works fine.

Connection method:    both Reflection installed in laptop and iPad is in same VLAN 38, which is wireless Vlan. both connected via wifi, I can ping each other,  so I don't think there is need to confgure the multicasting routing in the router.

The configuration in the WLC:

     1,  CONTROLLER -- GERNERNAL -- MULTICAST -- enable global multicast mode on  --  enable IGMP Snooping on.

     2, CONTROLLER -- GERNERNAL -- AP Multicast Mode - Multicast

     3, WLANs -- select the WLAN ID -- confgured the multicast interface

     4, Monitor  -- Multicast link -  displays following details.              

Group addressVlanMGID 1161

     5, I can also see the multicast packet broadcast from laptop to  

I have read some of your guys discussion about issue with Bonjour, but my siuation is a bit different, both device are connecing via wifi, the REFLECTION is not connected to a switch.      Any advice? 


Even if the devices are communicating via wifi, traffic still gets placed on the switch infrastructure and you do need to enable multicast on the network.  Without this, it will not work..... I understand that it's in the same vlan using the same SSID, etc... I have two Apple TV's and a bunch of iPads at home with a WLC and AP's... it will not work unless your switch network has multicast.  Believe me.... if this didn't work, my daughter would hav a 'FIT'.  haha.



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