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Migrate from physical WLC2504 to WLC within 3650

Level 4
Level 4

Is there any way to take the configuration from a WLC2504 and move it to a 3650?

My current LAN/ WLAN is based upon a 3750X switch and a WLC 2504 with (3) 3802i APs.  I am hoping to consolidate the switch and WLC functionality without having to recreate the wireless controller configuration from scratch.  Am currently running 8.5.131 on the WLC and the APs are in local mode in anticipation of utilizing Mgig.

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Level 1

As the wireless controller functionality is essentially EoL on the 3850/3650 (last release supporting wireless is 16.3.x) and you've got relatively few APs, have you considered Mobility Express?


You would have to recreate things on the primary AP, but you'd then have a solution hopefully with some longevity. It would also give you more flexibility with your choice of switch.

Thanks, I was looking down that path as well. 



The WLC functionality of a WLC in switches is not a viable sulotion anymore. I would suggest moving to mobility express on your 3802i APs. That way you also will have redundancy on the controller. If the Controller AP dies another AP will take over.


Here is the deployment guide for ME.


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