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Hey Wifi Guru's-

I have a question about setting up WDS.

In the latest code rev 12(15)JA, you can set the Access Points to do "Specified Discovery" this allows you to use a WDS anywhere on the network, no matter if it is in your subnet or not. Here is my question, i have about 120 Access Points going into a deployment. I dont want to have to split up my management subnet into 2 parts, one for each WDS. What I want to do, is set up multiple WDS Access Points one one subnet. I will have one active, and the others actings as backup WDS's. I want to be able to point 1/2 of my AP's to the active and 1/2 to the Inactive. Will that work? Or because the WDS is denoted as inactive, it wount accecpt connections from the AP's. I just want to have one ip subnet ( - for all my Access Points.

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The best solution is to split the management subnet into 2 parts. You can still use a common wireless user VLAN/subnet between them if you wants (just won't be able to fast roam between 2 WDS's).You can split the APs into logical user groupings, based on geography or work function.


just a question.

In this case how can WLSE collect data from more WDS ? I can just insert wds credentials, not WDS IP.

I cannot figure how can WDS understand that WDS1 is sending radio data from building 1 adn WDS2 from bulding 2.

Any suggest ?


all wds-ap's, wlse and the radius should have the same user credentials. The wlse will collect radio datas from both wds-ap.

best regards


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