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Per client Bandwidth limit on 9800 WLC AP's in Flexconnect mode.

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Hi All,


I am looking to restrict per client user bandwidth for our Guest network on Cisco 9800 WLC's. AP's are in Flexconnect mode.

IOS version is 17.3.5a

Is this possible on catalyst WLC like Aireos based WLC's?



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I am in the same place deploying Cat 9800 on way - i have this URL  may help you :



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restricting wireless client bandwidth impacting all other clients. In wireless, it is all about efficient use of "airtime". When you make a wireless client transmit slower speed, every other client has to wait longer.


Configuring Air Time Fairness (allocate % of airtime for SSID) may be a better way of doing that if you really want to control it. Refer below document 




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Anyone able to get this to work? I have done this on the profile but only 2700 APs seem to work, the rest of APs I have in my deployment doesn't e.g 2800s, 9100s.

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Hi Guys,

In the link that Balaji provided there is this information:

Flexconnect local switching (or fabric/SDA) scenario

In case of flexconnect local switching (or fabric / SDA), it is the AP that applies any QoS policy that you defined on the WLC.

On wave2 and 11ax Access Points, rate-limit occurs at a per-flow (5 tuple) level and not per-client or per-SSID before 17.6.


Would someone be so kind to provide some explanation ( with example if possible) on what that means?
If I set the limit to 5mbps that would be for all users connected to this SSID on the AP or for single user? How exactly does this work?

Thanks in advance.

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If you wanted to restrict the maximum bandwidth for users on the AP could you not just restrict the maximum MCS rate under the RF profile?

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