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Preauth ACL for Wired guest not working


Hi Guys,

I have 5508 wireless lan controller running code 7.2. We recently implemented Wired guest access on the WLC and configured necessary changes on the switch. We also have wireless guest profile as well configured on the WLC. We have some people who usually use Jabber client for video conferencing so what we have done is we have configured a preauth acl so that if any users connect to the wireless guest profile they automatically connect to the Jabber server without going through the Web auth. We have applied the same ACL in the Wired guest profile as well but the problem is that Jabber is not able to connect unless we manually go through web browser and then authenticate, but it is working normally for wireless guest access without the web authentication. Let me know if this is some kind of bug or a known issue which can fixed in some way. Thanks in advance

- Krishna

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Amjad Abdullah


Can you please confirm if other type of traffic (other than jabber traffic) is allowed by the pre-auth ACL?
try - for testing - to allow traffic -by same ACL -  to some other destination and try via normal user to ping to open whatever session with that destination.

let me know if that works or not.



Rating useful replies is more useful than saying "Thank you"

Rating useful replies is more useful than saying "Thank you"

Hi Abdul,

What I actaully did is I created 1 more ACL allowing any source any destination and applied that preauth acl in the Wired guest ACL, but the result was the same I had to authenticate again via web then I was able access different apps. By the way what I also saw is that unless I authenticate via web I was not able to ping my default gateway.



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