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problem to access AP with portal web

Dhikra Marghli


i have a problem with acces point  that  this access point can only access with web and not with consol !!!


1) i have a router with Pool DHCP and we put show ip dhcp binding
the AP don't receive any IP from pool and the router don't see the AP as a neighbor !!

so i try to access with default IP address but i can't

problem that i can't access to access point  with any method ( pool  or ip address default )


also i try to reset and i can't reset !!! 



so please i need from expert help  and reply me  that why router don't see  the access point and don't give any IP  ???? 


thanks in advance

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Dhikra Marghli

I wait some one Reply me and help me why router don't see the access point and the access point don't receive any IP adresse ???


What troubleshooting that i Can doing ???



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Give more information what the AP model


you information bit confusing, you mentioned one side you able to access the web, one side you not getting IP

so please clarify, what LED Lights you see on AP, also did the Switch access port come up where this AP connected?



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I said that i can access to AP only via interface web because this AP don't have port console !!

So the problem this AP don't receive any IP adresse from router Cisco and the router don't see the access point : when i put : show IP DHCP binding ...i don't find IP adresse to AP also when i put show lldp neighbor also. The router don't see as a neighbor !! 

So please what's the solution that i can access to AP outdoor !!!



apologies, I may have read wrong then, i was in the impression you are not even able to connect.


we may need more information on how this WAP connected, where DHCP Server?


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How to Ask The Cisco Community for Help

Yed i have router as a server DHCP !?


Please i want to know You can resolve or not ??? 

I want expert wireless unterstand and help me !!

Thanks in advance

You need to provide the model and the image you are running.
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Is the AP directly connected to the router?
If you connect a laptop to that port instead of the AP, does the laptop get a valid IP address? If yes, can the laptop ping the router?
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