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Problems with Antennas

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We recently upgraded our Cisco wireless system but I guess we have issues relating to get the basics just right.

We are in an office of about 8 floors and the design was done in such a way based on the cabling plans of the building

all the floors have patch panels connecting to two floors where we have placed the two wireless switches that provide PoE to antennas.

More and more I am seeing issues with antennas losing power/ access to controller. the antenna starts blinking greeen/yellow when this happens.

Is there a general recommendation i can do to address this?

from the swtich logs, I only see the link has gone down.. how can i be 100 % sure that it has to do with loss of power from the switch due to distance probably more than 100 m

It happens randomly on a few antennas in the building.

please help..                   

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Well if you are exceeding the distance you should address it by bringing the system back to standards, sorry. It could be a good idea to get your cables re-tested for standards compliance. Cheap cables will cause PoE to fail at shorter distance, I have seen this before.

If you can place a temporary switch close to the AP and feed power from it that where I'd start. Also AP should report the reason of the last restart - check messages related to power ('AP reset due to Power' or something of that kind in the error log of the WLC). Sorry I cannot think of any other magic here.

Abha Jha
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Possibly there is some power issue like wireless device is not getting 15.4 watts of power from POE switch or there is some defective wiring.. Please check.

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