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wlc 5508 multicast/bonjour

hello, i have a wlc 5508 with code 7.0.220, with multicast enabled in it and on the lan too.I am having a bit of confusion getting bonjour to work on the wireless side. Looking at some of the cisco docs, i still have some questions on how to get it w...

EliSerrano by Beginner
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%SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host xxxx.xxxx.xxxx in vlan Y is flapping between port Fa3/0/47 and port Fa3/0/48

Hi there,New to this forum and having a slight issue that I dont know how to fix.I am using a Cisco 2106 WLC running software version        It has two ports configured.Port 2 as ap-manager and goes to 3750 Switch Port 3/0/47Port ...

korenne86 by Beginner
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Cisco NCS reports

I am trying to run an AP inventory report for a single controller. I was able to customize the AP inventory report to obtain the data I need, however it appears there is no way to specify a single controller. I have 150 controllers (w/~8000 aps) in N...

Cisco AP1262N-A-K9

Hello,Ok so i tried to but a new image on my AP and putty closed about half way through the installation. now the configuration is messed up. I was wondering is there is anyway to set it back to its factory default settings? I can get into the AP thr...

Frequent client disconnection on specific AP's

Hi There are frequent disconnections only for a few clients connecting on specific floors.Seems to be something to do with the access point or the path ..The signal strength drops intermittently what would be the steps to isolate the issue           ...

TGF_Cisco by Beginner
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Wireless role back access control

Hi,We need to create one user for wireless management which only can do specific command on wireless controller. What we can find out is only join the controller to ACS(TACACS+) which only can perform below:The available roles are MONITOR, WLAN, CONT...

remysyaku by Beginner
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Report on AP Failover Priority

Does anyone know of a way or place that the AP Failover setting on the AP is reported in WCS.  I can't seem to find anywhere this setting appears in any inventory report.  The only way I seem to be able to look this up is to go AP by AP and look at t...

jcosgrove by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Cisco AnyConnect NAM User vs. Machine Auth

Hello Everyone, I am trying to understand the difference between User and Machine Authentication. The real question is what gets sent when I use machine Auth? Is it the hosts Mac address, or host name when I first plug in to a 802.1x enabled port...

rleivaoc by Cisco Employee
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OEAP600 with Wired 802.1X

Hello everybody,I'm trying to find out if the Wired 802.1X capabilities associated with the OEAP-600 extend so far as including the dynamic assignment of attributes to the User's session? VLAN assignment would probably be the most useful, but QoS, Ra...

Resolved! Manage remote APs by local WLC

                   Hi everyone,this is my issue, I hope someone can help me with this:i am new to wireless and i have two sites in two diffrenet subnets connecting together by MPLS and I need to have a wireless controller on one site to manage both l...

yasaman64 by Beginner
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certificate RSA on line and conpactible with WLC AIR-CT5508-A-K9

                   I need to knows the compactibility of AIR-CT5508-A-K9 WITH AIR-RM1252A-E-K9 / AIR-RM1252G-E-K9                              and other question is the name that one company for generate certificate RSA on line this comopany have to ...

LWAP: backup software

LWAP in the WLC shows up with primary SW Version ( and Backup SW Version ( is a purpose of each software image? if backup SW version isn't upto date (i.e. what would happen if backup SW version is say will there b...

gavin han by Beginner
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Resolved! 1262 AP Only one radio appears

We have 6 1262 APs and a 2504 WLC.  5 of the 1262 appear correctly with 2 radios.  One of them shows 1 radio.  See screen shots below showing model numbers and interfaces on the AP with one radio available (All other 1262s show 2 radios as normal).  ...

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