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question about the cisco wireless solution


Dear anyone,

I have 1 Head office and 20 braches. Now, I want to deploy the wireless solution. The wireless solution must comply some requirements:

- Centralize wireless management solution means IT at HO can manage wireless at Branches.

- At branches, IT has created key and provide to the customer without contacting to IT at HO.

- The solution must ensure the high availability.

If I invest the solution of Cisco, what I must buy?

Please answer me early.

Best Regards,

Duy Khang

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Scott Fella
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Here is what I would say. Get 2 Cisco 5508 WLC that has enough AP license for the amount if APs you need at all locations. Look at the 3602i access points for the HQ and branch office. This can provide you with more than you want. You have the redundancy on the WLCs and you have AP's that is modular that can allow for 802.11ac in the future. If all your users are in Active Directory, then you should also look at using a radius server. Microsoft NPS, Cisco's ACS or even Cisco's ISE.

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