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Hi AllI have setup a WLAN with Web Auth using radius to authenticate per user.The login page comes up ok and the radius autheticates but then right after logging in you get page can not be displayed and the you cant get anywhere on the WIFI.It works ...

Hi folks,We're using MAC Filtering as part of securing access to a WLAN.  A problem we're facing is the database size on the wireless controllers which is a maximum of 2048 entries.  I want to use our Cisco ACS as a centralised database to overcome t...

shanemoss by Beginner
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Could I setup wired guest Internet connection without layer 3 web authentication and how?I want guest users access Internet without going through web authentication.Thanks,Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

by Not applicable
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Hi all,Unfortunatelly, I haven't enough experience on CISCO wireless controller and I'm not able to find an official answer for this question:My customer has two SW6500 on VSS mode connected via VSL. I wish to know if anyone have already connected WL...

Hi all,I have a quick question that hopefully someone can answer.We have a Cisco 4402 Wireless LAN Controller (S/W Version - centrally managing 36 Cisco Wireless Access Points (combination of AIR-LAP1231G-E-K9 and AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9).How m...

isoffice1 by Beginner
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HI,We have two Cisco Wireless Controller 4404 with the IOS Version and a lot of accesspoints (ca. 170). Now i wan't to reboot a group of Accesspoints where i found over a filter... Is this possible?Or how can i reboot all the AccessPoints a...

Kevin Haag by Beginner
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Hello,I have an MSE configured in de NCS. The MSE is reachable from the NCS. When I go in the NCS to the tab Home -> Context Aware, I don't see anything. When I restart the MSE I will see some data in the screen. But no new data is apearing in the sc...

Hi,I have one issue setting Wireless Access password on Aironet AP 1142.Password default length needed to set up is so long like " FEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFE".Altogether 26 chacters.How can I make is customizable to be shorter.Thanks in advance.

I have 2 wrvs4400n routers. One is in sub level next to the cable modem feeding a gigabit switch for wired ports. Needless to say the wireless signal drops off on the other levels. Is there a way to utilize the other wrvs4400n to maximize wireless co...

mclinehan by Beginner
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Hello,I'm using PEAP and i need to know about a situation.I have two SSIDs (VIP and Collaborators) and both have 802.1x authentication in the same RADIUS Server but both have differences in web access.One have content filtering and another not.When i...

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