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Questions about Wireless Networking


So I am relatively new to professional IT. I have been given control of a ton of things with the company I am with. One of those is our Wireless Network. We are not a huge company. About 200 in office workers total. We have 4 main buildings containing the bulk of those employees and a few warehouse with 2-5 people in them. Currently we have one access point deployed in each building which seems to give enough coverage for the people in them. I have been focused on getting the new APs up and running with the WLC as when I came on with the company that had not been done yet. As I am past that now I am working to get the deeper settings configured on the WLC. One of the things I am a bit foggy on is CleanAir. I have had a few people I know that work in tech rave about it to me. I have been reading up on it and it seems like you need a dedicated CleanAir AP that does not transmit for the network. This seems like it doesn't fit our need. Mostly looking for confirmation here if I am correct on this. My other question here is does RRM take care of some of the same things in a more limited way without the extra monitors? Currently we have one AP per location and each AP is in a separate WLAN with its own VLAN. Given that these locations are pretty far apart would it be feasable and/or a good idea to merge these all into a single network with a single SSID so if someone is traveling in the company their devices will link up at all locations with no additional config. And finally can someone link a guide or reference to setting a guest network that is isolated from the internal network? I will be honest that I have not even done a cursory google search on this issue yet as it is a back burner issue for me at this time.

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Leo Laohoo
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If you do not know what to do, get a reputable systems integrator and shadow them.

Kasun Bandara
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VIP Advisor

Like @Leo Laohoo said, you better contact one of Cisco SI partner in your area to get done with wifi coverage survey and proper solution.

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As my colleagues already mentioned, a professional integrator can help you here a lot.

You did not write if you use a C9800 WLC or one of the older series. In any case, this document has a lot of knowledge, but a few chapters require a deeper understanding into Wi-Fi to not break something:


There is also an older one for the older series WLC (which have a completely different software and interface).

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