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Remoting AIR-ANT2547VG-N Dipoles from AP body connected by Co-Ax Cable



We are deploying Cisco 1562e APs in dual-band mode with the AP body hidden and the antennas remoted a short distance of approx 1-2m via Cisco RF Co-AX Cable.  In the past I have always mounted the remoted Antennas the same distance apart as from each other as they would be if attached to the AP ports directly.  My query is do i need to do this or can I mount the antennas further apart for instance no more than 3m meters from dipole to dipole?


Any comments or information would be welcome?







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the antenna diversity is why the antennas are a certain distance apart, if you change this you can affect the performance of the AP.

From memory you can change it, but it's based on an equation based on the antennas. I haven't seen anything official recommending installing those Dipoles via co-ax from Cisco, might pay to look at a different antenna type

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Leo Laohoo
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The longer the antenna cable, the higher the power loss.
It can be done but not recommendable.
It is better to move the AP as close as possible to the location where the antennas are meant to be.



Thanks for the replies, I know the diversity of the antennas can and does come into the equation but the reason I asked was in the world of newer N standard technology and beyond  I wasn't sure if the problem of diversity and the use of much more tolerant multi-path  devices if this would come into the equation as much as it used to?  I have always kept the antennas even when remoted the same measurement they would be on the AP.


Leo, I am keeping the distance of the antennas to the AP body as low as possible for the reason you have mentioned, but the distance the antenna are apart does not seem to be mentioned in any device literature I can find.  As above I have always used the same measurement as on the AP but the customer is asking if they can be wider apart?


Once again thanks for your help.



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