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Restric APs to register only with specific controllers



I have several controllers with different configuration, the problem is that sometimes APs registers with other than primary or secondary specified controller and changes their configuration, how can I restric APs to register only with their primary or secondary controller,

thanks for your help.

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Leo Laohoo
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how can I restric APs to register only with their primary or secondary controller

That is what DHCP Option 43 is for.

Believe it or not, it is undocumented but in the AP High Availability tab make sure you are not using the FQDN for the controller.  Use the EXACT spelling and capitalization of what the controller(s) names are on the Monitor tab.  For instance I had mine as which didn't work, then wlc01 didn't work, only WLC01 actually worked.  Careful though, they will immedietly move controllers so do it during an outage window!


If you want to to connect specific APs to particular WLC then you can use " Authorize AP's against AAA"

You can use the Authorize AP's against AAA function to make sure that all the AP's registering to your WLC are authorized AP's of the network.  By enabling this feature, only those AP's whose mac-addresses are present in the authorization list, will be able to register to the WLC.


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Scott Fella
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Well it can be your design.  Controllers that have different configurstion from each other should not use the same mobility group name and or shouldn't be added in the mobility group configuration.  If controllers are located at each site and only should support AP's at that site, then make sure after the APs have all joined that you remove any DNS or option 43. The best thing you can do is configure the primary, secondary, and tertiary controller on the APs high availability tab. Only configure the controllers that those APs should be able to join that has the correct configurations for that AP.


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Abhishek Abhishek
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Cisco Employee

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