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Setting up a WLAN Controller; AP doesn't register

The 4400 will not respond to a ping from a PC workstation on it's management address; is that normal?

Rob Huffman
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Hi Gary,

Have a look at the document in the attached link, this is the most comprehensive info that I have seen for deploying WLC's. Here is an excerpt;

The Management interface is the default interface for in-band management of the WLC and connectivity to enterprise services such as AAA servers. If the service port is in use, the management interface must be on a different subnet from the service port. The management interface is also used for layer 2 communications between the WLC and access points. The Management interface is the only consistently "pingable" in-band interface IP address on the WLC.

From this great doc;

Hope this helps!


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I had the same problem. In the previous post that had the link to the deployment guide there is a note that says:

"The Management and AP Manager VLAN (VLAN 60) is tagged and are not configured as the trunk's native VLAN,"

What I had is the management IP address as a VLAN 1 address and also I had the native VLAN on the trunk as VLAN 1 and it did not work. I set the native VLAN to some other number on the switch, and it worked.

Not sure exactly why this is, but I am exploring further. I also upgraded from 3.2 to 4.0 although that initially did not work.

According to the docs you should keep the management interface in the WLC untagged and set the native vlan on the switch to the vlan which holds the management subnet.

I do not understand why, because the WLC config enables you to configure tagging for the management interface.

Can someone explain this maybe?

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