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Template that fails on deployment


I am trying to deploy a template to our AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9 (12.4(23c)JA2) in WCS. What the template is doing is enabling VLAN support for HREAP.

The AP parameters enabled in the template are:


HREAP/REAP configuration: our WLANs

VLAN Support Enable with our Native VLAN

But when I try to deploy it I get: Partial Success. **AP Parameters** HREAP: Profile NAME-VLAN Id mappings cannot be applied since VLAN Support status is disabled on the template.

When I check the AP after that VLAN isn't enabled under HREAP configuration.

Any Ideas?


Kayle Miller
Rising star


     I have had issues in the past with this as well, and I have never found a solution to pushing out H-REAP configs to the AP's so I created scripts that did it from the CLI. It makes it fairly easy and quick.

     The reason it doesn't seem to work is because it doesn't appear to tick the enable vlans check box; but one thing you may try since I know you have to do it from the CLI is try disabling the AP's first then push out the template and see what happens.

Sorry I can't provide more insight.


To get around this, you'll want to have one template that enables HREAP, then reboots the AP.  A second template would then set the WLAN/VLAN mappings.



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It is an old thread, but i am experiencing this problem even with multiple templates. One for h-reap enable, one for vlan config.

and you are rebooting the ap after you enable VLAN support?

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That's why with H-REAP configurations I have built CLI scripts that make it quick and super easy.

This is my Excel Workbook to do all the H-REAP Commands from CLI, the FlexConnect Commands are different.

Just paste in the AP information on the tabs and fill out the other yellow fields then you have you command syntax populated in the other tabs.

one of the Tabs requires you to paste into wordpad or a text editor and remove the " from the lines. but the others you can just cut and paste.

5 years later, and this spreadsheet is still helping! I just found it! Thanks Kayle!

Hi Stephen.

The template has the reboot option clicked in. The aps i used to stage before used to reboot after i applied the template. But not anymore.

@Kayle Miller

Do share here or send them to mali.zeleni[at]gmail

I think you have to disable the admin status first then execute your templates then enable the admin status.

I too use the CLI for almost everything. If you run through the CLI and figure out what commands you need, you can create a custom CLI template and use that.


Scott Fella

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Hi Philip -

I know this post is old but I just referenced it to see if it would solve the same issue for me. I figured it out -

When you are congfiguring the AP template, enable H-REAP/REAP configuration, and enable VLAN support with the proper VLAN for your environment. Then apply the template to your APs. Once VLAN support is enabled and applied, go back to your AP template, click Show All Profile-Mapping, select your WLAN, and set the proper VLAN for your environment. Then apply the template to your APs again.



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