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Upgrade questions about Prime Infrastructure to 1.3


               My existing NCS is installed with the small deployment and I'll have a total of 94 AP's but we are installing a new data center and replacing the existing 2 WISM blades for 2 new 5508 WLCs and added 20 more AP'S which will total 114 AP's and 4 controllers. The old WISMs blades and new 5508s will be up together until we migrate exisitng AP's to the new 5508s, so do I need to install the medium deployment since Table for Scaling Prime Infrastructure states:

Medium: 500 Total. The mix of devices may included up to:

     Wired devices: 300

     Controllers: 5

     Autonomous AP's: 300

     Unified AP's: 300

Small Deployments are for a total of 250 devices "with up to" 100 Unified AP's and 2 controllers?? 

Also as part of the download of software for PI 1.3 it   includes Automated Deployment Gateway is this a required piece to install for PI??  We don't use Cisco works so I'm not installing the LMS piece. 

thank you,


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Hi rob,

It appears the upgrade worked or atleast I can logon to the Prime 1.3 web gui.

I wanted to test changing some setting on 2 Ap's via the Sechedule config Tasks->Lightweight AP Templates.  I wanted to update the Primary and Seconday controller (Wism 7.235.xx.)   I got this error message when I tried to Save it or Apply it:

thanks for any Help.