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Upgrade questions about Prime Infrastructure to 1.3


               My existing NCS is installed with the small deployment and I'll have a total of 94 AP's but we are installing a new data center and replacing the existing 2 WISM blades for 2 new 5508 WLCs and added 20 more AP'S which will total 114 AP's and 4 controllers. The old WISMs blades and new 5508s will be up together until we migrate exisitng AP's to the new 5508s, so do I need to install the medium deployment since Table for Scaling Prime Infrastructure states:

Medium: 500 Total. The mix of devices may included up to:

     Wired devices: 300

     Controllers: 5

     Autonomous AP's: 300

     Unified AP's: 300

Small Deployments are for a total of 250 devices "with up to" 100 Unified AP's and 2 controllers?? 

Also as part of the download of software for PI 1.3 it   includes Automated Deployment Gateway is this a required piece to install for PI??  We don't use Cisco works so I'm not installing the LMS piece. 

thank you,


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Hi rob,

It appears the upgrade worked or atleast I can logon to the Prime 1.3 web gui.

I wanted to test changing some setting on 2 Ap's via the Sechedule config Tasks->Lightweight AP Templates.  I wanted to update the Primary and Seconday controller (Wism 7.235.xx.)   I got this error message when I tried to Save it or Apply it:

thanks for any Help.

K, So you have installed.

Do apply the latest patch?

Please login to the CLI and run a show version and a show application


Here you go??  I wonder if I can download patches..I'll check unless you email me a link:

CiscoNCS/admin# show version

Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 2.0
ADE-OS Build Version:
ADE-OS System Architecture: x86_64

Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Hostname: CiscoNCS

Version information of installed applications

Cisco Prime Network Control System
Version :

of course I found the patch but can not download it. 

Can you publish it to me??

thanks again for help..OUr Cisco reps have yet to respond to us for support for PI 1.3.


so sorry I thought I got i all, here you go!

Last login: Thu Jan  9 10:00:53 2014 from

CiscoNCS/admin# show application


NCS             Cisco Prime Network Control System





it's not patched...

you should be good to go once you've got it on...

How about a show application?

Update patch 4-16 is on it's way...


Can the patch be installed via ssh or do I need to console in?



ssh would work fine.


I downloaded the patched on 2 different pc and when I tftp it to the PI server is fails.  the size shows a difference under properties: 14,963,397 for size and size on PC i 14,966,784. 


what's your email address?

Hi rob,

I hope you went home but I thought, I should try to use IE instead of Firefox to use Prime  and guess what it worked!! I was using firefox version 26 which I guess is why it failed when we tested out making changes to the AP's. 

So I won't fall back to NCS version I was on. 

thanks again for all your help!


Isn't it rediculous the message says:::

Error(s): You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

Error:Unknown Exception Occurred. If the problem persists send logs to Tech Support.

And the fix is to use a different browser?

BTW:: Good Idea to try a different browser.  By the looks of the Error Msg, it just didn't look like a browser issue to me so I didn't think to do that but certainly will next time on this and probably many, many, many other issues I see-

We only spent about an hour chasing our tails around to see what the issue was.

Again good catch!

I was speaking w/ another customer today who mentioned if the application were re-written to use HTML 5 these type problems would go away.

Oh well.

Glad I could help you get all the way upgraded and all the way up and running and able to push templates to your lightweight APs.


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