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Virtual Wireless LAN controller

Hi Team,

I would like to get some directions around whether virtual Wireless LAN controllers (in AWS) can be recommended for a large critical production network environment. ( in more detail, centralized virtual Wireless LAN Controllers in AWS along with large remote production sites with wireless dependent devices), if the answer is NO, what are the primary concerns? Please advise.



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Cristian Matei



     Why don't you focus on the newer Catalyst 9800-CL WLC, rather than vWLC? The AiroS, will, most probably, not very soon, but at some point, go away.



Cristian Matei.

Thanks Cristian for the prompt response. Let me go through the data sheet of Catalyst 9800-CL WLC.

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 - The main concern is that if the IntrAnet production environment becomes really critical I would not led it depend on cloud-wireless services , at least if the availability of wireless services is at the same level of importance as the production equipment.  In a next step one may even consider localized virtual controllers as being too dangerous , and rely on physical controllers in a HA setup (to avoid extra dependency from the availability of the hyper-visor environments). It all depends , how far you define critical. If you need wireless services  in a covid-hospital  for instance ....... (you know what I mean).


Thank you Marce. To more specific the production environment will come to an halt if wireless network drops.

In that case get local physical controllers. That way you will not rely on a stable internet connection and cloud provider (AWS variant), nor on a perfectly working virtual environment.
Get a physical 9800 HA setup if your company completely depends on the wireless.
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