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Visitor Policy on Cisco CMX 10.x


Hello all,

I would like to know if the Visitor Policy feature is available con Cisco CMX 10.x, or when it would be available?

I extracted this from the Cisco CVD CMX design guide, which is based on CMX 8.0:

"The Visitor Policy section of CMX Connect & Engage allows an administrator to set different usage quotas to users based on the User Group to which the visitor belongs. The User Group, in turn, corresponds to the login type the visitor used when connecting via CMX Visitor Connect. By default, all visitors who do not login with a social connector via the CMX Visitor Connect splash page are put in the Basic group. The Basic group is allocated a usage quota of 300 Mbytes of data for each 24 hour period. Visitors who choose to login via a social connector are put in to Social group and allocated a usage quota of 3000 Mbytes of data for each 24 hour period. This can be used to encourage visitors to use social connectors with splash pages. The usage quotas may be easily edited by clicking the Visitor Policy tab on the CMX Connect & Engage dashboard,"


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Yuk Tun Fong

This might help.

Policy Plans

The Cisco CMX Policy Plans feature gives you the option to specify location-specific bandwidth and to control the bandwidth assigned to the client as they move from one location to the next. Use the CMX Policy Plans window to configure this feature.

For example, the bandwidth provided to clients in a hotel room is higher than the bandwidth provided in a hotel lobby. If the CMX Policy Plans feature is active, the bandwidth to the client is automatically increased when the client moves from the lobby to their hotel room. In addition, if the Keep Highest Bandwidthcheck box on the CMX Policy Plans window is selected, the client retains the higher bandwidth when returning to the lobby.

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