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WAP Times Out TFTP Server


I am trying to convert two Aironet 1141n access points to autonomous stand-alone units.  I have connected the console cable and I can see the unit giving information in the console window, but I cannot type any commands.  When I try to get the unit to upload the c1140-k9w7-tar.default file by holding the mode button in for 20-30 seconds, it shows it is examining the file, and then states that the connection to the tftp server has timed out.  My windows firewall is off, the interface is configured as and the tftp server is showing that.  What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Dennis                    

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Okay.  Problem solved...sort of.  I still cannot type any commands in through the console connection.  BUT, I noticed that the tftp server was 32 bit and my system is 64 bit.  I changed servers, connected an AP and VIOLA!  IT FREAKIN' WORKS!  Okay, I plan on decaffinating myself over the holiday weekend.  But I have it done and that counts for a lot.  Thanks to all for the help.  It is deeply appreciated.


I had a similar issue when attempting to downgrade Cisco 3600 Series access points to Autonomous, spent a decent amont of time trying to TFTP from my PC but kept timing out. I eventually just TFTP'd the image to the Cisco 3750X switch and then TFTP to the AP from there. It's a workaround if you have Firewall and Antivirus on your PC. Hope it helps. 

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