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Wap581 Wireless Bridge using 80 MHz bandwidth

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I've got three WAP581's linked with WDS Wireless Bridge to implement three separated LAN segments that interoperate with each other. This works fine with bandwidth set to 20 MHz (5 GHz, 802.11n/ac). One of the WAP581's is also the Access Point for local wireless clients.


I wanted to try the Wireless Bridge with bandwidth set to 80 MHz. For this I set up a temporary separate AP for wireless clients, since few of them support 80 MHz. However, the WAP581's failed to form up the Wireless Bridge at this bandwidth. I had a limited time to bring up the new configuration so after a little fooling around and reboots I had to restore the original 20 MHz setup.


Question: Should Wireless Bridge work if all the participants are set to 80 MHz? Did I need to give more time or reboots? Any other tricks to get this to work?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers.

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I suggest for 80MHz bandwidth you need to limit usage to the 5GHz band?

All Cisco WAP devices participating in a WDS link must have the following identical settings

  • Radio

  • IEEE 802.11 Mode

  • Channel Bandwidth

  • Channel (Auto is not recommended)

When operating bridging in the 802.11n 2.4 GHz band, set the Channel Bandwidth to 20 MHz, rather than the default 20/40 MHz. In the 2.4 GHz, 20/40 MHz band, the operating bandwidth can change from 40 MHz to 20 MHz if any 20 MHz WAP devices are detected in the area. The mismatched channel bandwidth can cause the link to disconnect.


As mentioned, I'm working with 5 GHz, 802.11n/ac. I didn't mention the channel and upper/lower, but these parameters are also  identical for all three WAP581's.


My WAP581's just sat there for about five minutes without linking up. I rebooted a couple of them with no change.


A better phrasing of my question might be: has anyone gotten WDS Workgroup Bridge to work with Radio 1 (5 GHz) 80 MHz bandwidth? If so, what Radio 1 parameters were set? Were there any other settings on the WAP581's that needed adjustment?


I have no AP of this model to test with, but according to this:
Configure WorkGroup Bridge Settings on WAP125 or WAP581 Access Points - Cisco

you need to select radio-2 for 5GHz ?



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