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WCS Wrong RRM Groups

Hi guys.. I have the next scenario:

4 WISM Modules (8 Controllers), administered by a WCS

All the Controllers have the same configuration and all are members of the same Mobility Group. But for some reason, the WCS says that there are 2 RRM groups (with the same name) with 6 and 2 members each. (I configured again those 2 Controllers, but had the same result)

If i get into the WLC GUI I can see the other 7 members in each device. According to the WLCs everything is fine. Its just the WCS that thinks there are 2 differente groups.

Any idea of what could be wrong? Any info you may need?

thanks in advance!

Omar M.

Kayle Miller
Rising star

If at somepoint it pulled a template from the controllers it stores it and if it changes and another is pulled it can leave that template and just add a new one, when I have a wierd conflict like that, I delete the templates and just have WCS re-create them from the controllers.

Amjad Abdullah

Hi Omar,

can you please provide a screenshot from WCS about what you see?

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Saravanan Lakshmanan
Cisco Employee

Refresh the config from WLC to WCS.

I just did. Updated the configs but it stills shows 2 RMM groups

Are we talking RF Groups?

I could be wrong, but I think 7.0 still limits RF groups to 1000 AP capacity. 

So I would suppose that 8 x 150AP = 1200 APs (so a group of 6 WLCs [900 Capacity] and 2 WLCs [300 capacity] makes sense to me)...

In the newer code and hardware platform, I think it calculates on actual AP count, not just capacity.

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