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Where is Client QoS applied in a Foreign-Anchor setup


Hi All,


I'm trying to find out where Ingress and Egress QoS policing is applied for client QoS in a setup with a Foreign and an Anchor controller.

My configuration has identical ingress and egress QoS applied to both controllers and the QoS is policing traffic.

When I view QoS stats I see ingress stats on the Foreign controller and Egress stats on the Anchor.  I do not see Egress stats on the Foreign and Ingress on the Anchor eventhough they are configured. As testing shows the traffic is being policed would I be right in thinking Client Ingress policing (Wireless Client to destination) is performed either on the AP or the Foreign controller and Egress (Destination to Wireless client) is being performed on the Anchor inbound to the Foreign?  Ingress, egress, inbound, outbound etc can be very confusing in this scenario.

I'm running IOS XE 17.4.1 on the Foreign and 16.4.1 on the Anchor although the Anchor will be upgraded in the next few days.

The config manual states SSID QoS is applied to the AP however it does not state where Client QoS is applied.


Any guidance and clarity would be most welcome.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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