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Mark Mattix

Windows connection issues with identical hidden SSID on different networks

I realize that hiding the broadcast of an SSID is pointless but unfortunately the security policy I must comply with, does not agree.

I have various subnets and I would like to create 1 SSID on these networks which is hidden. The wireless profile will be pushed to clients using Windows group policy. Client's initial connection to the hidden wireless network is ok but problems arise when they try connecting to the same SSID on a different subnet.


Windows amends the already known wireless hidden profile with a 2 or whatever the next consecutive number may be. A few ideas to resolve this are, deleting the SSID profile when the client disconnects and re-adding it so it appears as a new network and won't amend the name upon connecting.

Another idea was to use multiple hidden SSIDs per site and some how force Windows to attempt a connection with all of it's known credentials but I don't think this will really be feasible.


Thanks for any advice anyone can offer!


Rising star

I think you're talking about what the Windows network list manager calls them. The key point being NETWORKS not SSID. So if they are different subnets then as far as WIndows is concerned they're different networks I think. You'll have to research what criteria Windows uses.
Some links which might get you started:
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