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I'm having a system of 32 cisco wireless devices (Model: Cisco AIR-AP1832i-S-K9 and AIR-AP1832i-H-K9) connected to the controller cisco 2504.

Recently, up to 8 devices in this system suddenly lost signal (accounting for about 25% of the existing number). I opened it to check, there is a burning phenomenon in the circuit (as attached picture). All of these devices are just out of warranty, and when I buy I buy them in batches - which covers a lot of equipment (but someones are broken and others don't).

Have people ever encountered this situation? If yes, can you tell me the cause of this phenomenon and the direction it can be corrected? because there may be other devices that are also at risk.




Tks all

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Sandeep Choudhary
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If you see that something is wrong with the hardware then raise a cisco TAC case or RMAed it.



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Hi bro. 

I tried with TAC but one problem is that these devices are purchased from a third party and we don't buy warranty service from the manufacturer - therefore, there is no service contract id to continue.

If you dont buy warranty then its a big risk to your business. Personally I never had any issue with any cisco wireless devices.



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I agree with Sandeep. Organizations buy support because they don’t want to risk things, but then there are others whom want to save money. I have seen them both and at the end, you know what your risks are. I also bet that 99% of folks here do not open the equipment to look to see what is wrong or try to fix it. All I can say is that you are best off maybe looking at a different model ap to replace those that are failing or not working anymore.
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Hi Sandeep, Scott,


Thanks for the advice. Maybe, I would probably buy a higher-end Cisco model and also service warranty from the manufacturer to use for the company. 

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