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Wireless Mesh

I need some help please! can someone tell me how may MAP can i have per RAP? and the max number of hops between MAP and RAP? how many AP's i need, to have a wireless mesh solution, for two square kms. Thanks a lot!!!

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At least one access point within a mesh network must be configured to function as a RAP.

Outdoor mesh access points (1505, 1510, 1522, and 1524) and indoor mesh access points (1130 and 1240) can function as either RAPs or MAPs. By default, all outdoor mesh access points are shipped as MAPs and must be configured to function as a RAP.

RAPs within the network have a wired connection to the controller, and MAPs communicate among themselves and back to the RAP using wireless connections over the backhaul. MAPs use the AWPP protocol to determine the best path through the other mesh access points to the controller.

All the possible paths between the MAPs and RAPs form the wireless mesh that is used to carry traffic from wireless LAN clients connected to MAPs and to carry traffic from devices connected to MAP Ethernet ports.


Number of backhaul hops should be limited to three to four.

No limitation on number of MAPs per RAP, 20 is suggested maximum.

This document explains more:

Number of RAPs per for 2 kmsq? Depends on where and how you are deploying it.

Per this document:

it's 20-25 for "seamless" roaming coverage.


1. Number of MAPs per RAP: Practically the design should be based on no more than 5 MAPs per RAP coz RAP will be sharing its backhaul b.w with the MAPs and the MAPs will be further distributing this b.w to the end users. (Theoratically, you can connect upto 32 MAPS)

2. Max no. of hops: In theory you can have upto 8 hops but a practical design should not involve more than 3 hops to RAP

3. How many APs: It significantly depends on the terrain and congestion in the area. As a rule of thumb, Cisco 1522 with 8 dbi omni antenna covers a minimum of 500 ft (radius) for client access and a minimum of 2000 ft for backhaul.

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You can have up to around 20 MESH AP's per RAP. The recommended hops are no more than 4, but you can go as far as 8. If you were to go back that far from the RAP, then your speeds will greatly suffer. Stick with no more than 4 hops back.

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