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Wireless Throuput test using Iperf: Inconsistent Result


Hi All,

I have in a situation where i got inconsistent iperf results when performed a through put test using Iperf as part of the port wireless Site survey, Can help to understand :

Command Used:iperf3.exe -c x.x.x.x -P 5 -w 50000k ( 5 Parallel TCP Connections, with 50MB Window Size)

  • why I am getting this inconsistency ? (Knowing many factors can be the deciding point like number of clients, bandwidth per client, encryption algorithms, compression, packet size, network errors, QOS, latency, link utilisation and other network parameters)
  • Different intervals having different amount of data transferred: (eg: Interval: 3.01-4.01 is 0.00 Bytes)

This test was done from a client's laptop from Office Wireless Network (Iperf Client) to Data Centre Server over MPLS link (Iperf Server). 

I have attached the output, Thanks and much appreciated. 

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Richard Atkin

I don't know anything about iPerf, but it seems to me like you've already answered your own question... Wireless performance is seldom the same from one minute to the next in the real world and there's any number of reasons why it changes.

If you wanted to get more insight the first thing I'd do is to repeat the test (as closely as possible) via the Wired LAN and check you have consistent results that make sense there first.  If you don't get consistent LAN results, you will never get consistent WLAN results.

Thanks Richard, I will try to get a window to perform this, but if someone here have some experience on interpreting the results above, that will be great.

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