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Wireless VLAN size

Peter P

Assume the latest and greatest Cisco APs, WLC, Prime, etc.  I'm thinking about how broadcast traffic impacts wireless clients, due to the half duplex collision domain thing, as the client count increases.  Documentation will suggest different max network sizes, /23 etc.  But I think what you really want to control is the # of clients on a broadcast domain.  

Are there symptoms that can be seen, reported on, or alerted on that would indicate a wireless broadcast domain is too large, has too many clients?  Something like data retries?

Ultimately, I'm trying to determine if broadcast traffic is a source of performance degradation on a wlan.

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Documentation will suggest different max network sizes, /23 etc. 

Not applicable in large deployments.  We have several sites that had client DHCP scopes creep from /23 to /22.  This is even with lease times of 1 hour.  


Best rule of thumb I can think of is this:  Each client will have THREE (3) wireless client.  So if you have 200 staff, expect your wireless network to dish out 600 IP addresses. 

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