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I have a 5508 WLC. Where do I increase the session time for a WLAN session? We have a BYOD segment and have been getting complaints that users are being disconnected after about 45 minutes.                  

I'm trying to use the cli to configure interface groups on the 5706.I'm looking for examples on how to do this and how to map those groups to a wlan.It seems that vlan groups are the same as interface groups on the 5706.i.e.1.         vlan group grou...

I have a 1040 AP on my network but I am having several issues with it but I think most of it is my lack of experience with Cisco products.  Hopefully I can get some questions I have about the AP answered here so I can help stabilize my wireless netwo...

jeremymann by Beginner
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Hello,I have six multiple access points with same SSID, installed within as per the site survey report.AP Name                        AP Model       EBEAP001              AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9EBEAP002              AIR-LAP1242AG-E-K9EBEAP003             ...

Hello,I know the limitations for an OEAP 602 AP with 1 x Remote LAN port:"Only four clients can connect to an OEAP600 series through a RemoteLAn port".My question is know if If I´m  using 2  Remote LAN ports can I thne use 4 clients per port or not ?...

alex.roth by Beginner
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I have a question regarding how Cisco ships new products. I just convinced my company to purchase Cisco wireless gear even though they were concerned about hidden costs.I just opened the 2504 box and the checked the version of the software. It's vers...

jcox00004 by Beginner
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Am running into a slight issue and was hoping someone could shed a light on this.I am using a Cisco WLC 2504 wireless LAN controller to manage four (4) 1142 WAPs.  Everything works well and we have both authenticated users and a guest-wireless networ...

kerryjcox by Beginner
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Hi,We have tw0 new 5508 controller running 7.4.100 version at one of our subsidary.  There are few ap's which need to be connected to the network via this controller.Both the controllers are up in ap-sso , ha mode & they are connected to a switching....

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi AllI currently have a lab in place where I am using multiple Vlans with different Ip ranges using SVI'sI want to add a stand alone AP with the core switch a cting as the DHCP server.i have 2 vlans I have reserved the 1st 10...

Hello All,I've go to communicate with MSE server from Python. For now I'm testing requests in SoapUI. I manage to login into MSE ang get AesBussinesSession but it seems it's hash of some sort - not integer as docs suggest.SENT:<soapenv:Envelope  xmln...

                   Hi ,In our wireless infrastructure we have forgien and anchor controllers which handling the guest users . We have four WLC 5508 series with version . Is there any way so apple TV can work from the guest WLAN , will mult...

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