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Migrate WCS V 7.0.240 to NCS V

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Some months ago , i had to upgrade our WLCs to the version 7.4.110, but the WCS doesn´t support these WLC ios version, then i decide to migrate to the NCS, i found some docs that explain that NCS v .20 supports these IOS WLC version, my question is, somebody know the procedure to migrate the WCS licenses to NCS 

I exported the licenses to a new NCS but it didn´t accepted, show me and error that the file is not appear a license file.

I have a licenses files ( .lic) and the system show me an error that UDI of file does not match the system, i understand tha when you create  license file, the name of the server is associated to the license.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Migrating Cisco WCS Licenses to Cisco Prime NCS Licenses

The Cisco Prime Network Control System uses a single-tier license model. When Cisco WCS BASE or WCS PLUSlicenses are being migrated, licenses will be mapped to the new Cisco Prime NCS single-tier model, as shown in Figure 1. Customers are able to migrate their existing WCS licenses by purchasing the migration SKU (L‑WCS-NCS1-M-K9)

Migrating WCS to NCS

Note You must upgrade your Cisco WCS deployment to Release or before you attempt to perform the migration process to Cisco NCS Release 1.0.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

please  check

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

 Migrating from WCS to NCS

You must upgrade their Cisco WCS server to one of these releases before you attempt to perform the migration process to NCS 1.1.x.x.

This section provides instructions for how to migrate the WCS on either a Windows or Linux server to NCS. The NCS release is a major release to provide for converged management of wired and wireless devices, and increased scalability. The NCS platform is based on Linux 64 bit OS, and the backend database is Oracle DBMS. The existing WCS platforms are either Windows or Linux 32 bit and the backend database is Solid DB.
Data Migration from WCS
Export Data from WCS

Export data from WCS 7.x through the CLI. The export userdata CLI command is available in WCS Release 7.x and later, which creates the .zip file that contains the WCS data file. The CLI does not provide any option to customize what can be exported; all non-global user-defined items are exported. Complete these steps in order to export WCS data:

    Stop the WCS server.

    Run the export command through the script file and provide the path and export filename when prompted.

    For Linux, run the all /data/ command. For Windows, run the export.bat all \data\ command.

Migrating WCS Data to NCS

Complete these steps in order to migrate WCS data:

    Place the WCS export .zip file (for example, in a repository or folder (for example, repositories).

    Log in as admin user and stop the NCS server by entering the ncs stop command. Configure the FTP repository on the NCS appliance with the repository command:

        ncs-appliance/admin(config)# repository ncs-ftp-repo
        ncs-appliance/admin(config-Repository)# url
        ncs-appliance/admin(config-Repository)# user ftp-user password plain ftp-user

    Note: Make sure the archived file is available with the show repository repositoryname command.

    Enter the ncs migrate command in order to restore the WCS database.

        ncs-appliance/admin# ncs migrate wcs-data repository ncs-ftp-repo

    By default, no WCS events are migrated. Enter the ncs start command in order to start the NCS server after the upgrade is completed. Log in to the NCS user interface with the root login and the root password.

    This data is not migrated from WCS to NCS:

        Subset of reports—AP Image Predownload, AP Profile Status, AP Summary, Client Count, Client Summary, Client Traffic, PCI Report, PCI Compliance Detailed and Summary reports, Preferred Call Network Summary report, Rogue APs, Adhoc Rogues, New Adhoc Rogues and Security Summary reports.

        Dashboard customization

        Client Station Statistics information is not populated with old WCS data in clients charts, client details page, dashboards and reports.

        Client historical session information does get upgraded.

        Events history stored in WCS database are not migrated to NCS.

        RADIUS/TACACS server IP and credentials are not migrated and need to be added again after the migration is complete. You need to copy the latest custom attributes from NCS and include them in AAA server for user authentication/authorization in TACACS+/RADIUS.

        Note: Make sure RADIUS/TACACS server is enabled as AAA mode in the Administration > AAA > AAA Mode Settings page.

        Only alarms with Root Virtual Domain are migrated from Release 7.0 to NCS.

        The root password is not migrated from Release or to NCS Release 1.1.x.x. The user must change the root password during the installation of the application. Non root users and their credentials are migrated during migration.

        Alarm categories and subcategories are not restored after migration to NCS Alarm Summary                              

For details please refer to the link-

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