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Wireless WAN Connection using AiroNet 350

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Hi All,

We are evaluating the installation of a wireless WAN connection, using Cisco 350 Wireless equipment. The basic requirement is to connect two distant LAN-s.

Basically, we don't have it clear, if we need:

- Two Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless Bridges, or

- One Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless Bridge and one Cisco AiroNet 350 Workgroup Bridge, or

- Two Cisco AiroNet 350 Workgroup Bridges make the connections.


Igor Sotelo.

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Level 1

Two Cisco Aironet 350 Wireless Bridges should work fine. You cannot use Ap350 to connect 2 distant lans nor a combination of 1 ap and 1 bridge.

I am not sure if Cisco still sells BR-350. I resently read something about 1400 series. Please check their wireless products.

But you would need 2 bridges to connect 2 distant lans.

You can still get the 350 bridges for 802.11b technology and 1400 for 802.11 a technology. Both can run across distances close to 25 miles. (Line of sight is required).

Sankar Nair
UC Solutions Architect
Pacific Northwest | CDW
CCIE Collaboration #17135 Emeritus
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