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Tibor Marchyn

WLC WiFi - random disconnects on 5GHz


I know it's very common question, but I would like to ask if anybody was facing worst behavior of 5GHz in comparison to 2,4GHz mostly with very random disconnects.

I wanted to get rid of 2,4GHz at all as all our laptops support 5GHz. So I have turned off 2,4GHz and kept all clients only on 5GHz, also due bandwidth. We have main SSID for latops with WPA2/802.1X. My clients reporting randomly they lost connection after some time, even they are on same place (ex: user connects to wifi in conference room, he is 3 hours on same place, but after 1 hour it's connection is dropped and he has to reconnect again).

I know it's not very clear, and it should be something in config (I tried to update intel drivers to last version) or bad APs? or different APs (we have 1262, 2702, 2802) and our WLC version i 8.3.112


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

Usually we see this when the client drivers are bad. Downgrading/upgrading fixes that issue in some environments. Also changing the 5ghz to 20mhz width has also helped in some of our environments. 


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*** Please rate helpful posts ***
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I agree with Scott.  Check and upgrade wireless drivers first and see if it improves things.

Tibor Marchyn

the strange is that even people with the latest intel driver have troubles. We have all adapters intel. worst thing are linux users which report same. And update linux drivers is mostly problem. I have changed to 20mhz yesterday evening (from 40) and turned off optimized roaming, so let's see.

Optimized roaming can cause such issues. Also I suggest you keep 2.4 GHz running, for better roaming and compatibility to mobile phones etc.

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