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ASR 9000 with Flex Link?

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Does anyone know if the ASR 9000 supports Flex Link with Load Balancing like the 7600?

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Laurent Aubert
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Adam,

Flex link is not supported on the ASR9k. If you want to share your design and your requirement, we could provide another solution.



Thank You for replying to my question!

We are currently using Enablence access equipment back to a core network for our voice and PPPoE traffic.  We met with a Cisco Engineer a month ago on replacing our current core network with new core routers.  The Cisco Engineer recommended ASR 9000 series routers over the 7600 router.  We are going to build a 10 gig carrier ethernet ring with the likely hood of sending all traffic using VPLS over MPLS on the core.

The question I have and it really did not get answered the day the Cisco Engineer was here was what loop prevention protocols does the ASR 9000 support connecting to our Enablence access equipment?  The Enablence Magnum equipment is all layer 2 and the only loop prevention protocols they support is STP and EAPS.

Cisco's Flex Link with Load balancing sounded like the perfect solution for us to disable STP and give us a more carrier grade fail over rate.  Even with RSTP the fail over rate is still not fast enough to keep phone calls from dropping.

If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them.  Thank You for your time!


I think the best solution in your case is to use Multi-Chassis link aggregation:

This way no need of STP on your access switches.



Is multi-chassis link aggregation supported on the ASR

9000 and also does the access equipment have to support mult-chassis link aggregation?  I want to thank you for your help.

Yes MC-LACP is supported on ASR9k and I gave you the link to the configuration guide. The access switch just need to support regular link aggregation as MC-LACP is transparent to him. It will think it’s connected to the same switch.