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ASR9006 Fan Speed , is that abnormal ?



I am getting this fan speed , is that abnormal :

  Fan speed (rpm) and run time (in hours) :

        FAN0    FAN1    FAN2    FAN3    FAN4    FAN5


0/FT0/* (Speed)

        12960   12600   12300   12330   12570   11850

0/FT0/* (Run Time)

        N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A

0/FT1/* (Speed)

        12960   12990   0       13050   13020   0

0/FT1/* (Run Time)

        N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A



Cisco Employee

When you have 1 fan not spinning its good to pull the fantray out, check if the fan is spinning or not (will continue for 10 or 30s normally and if failed may spin a little due to the other fans or not at all). If the fan is not spinning then we can try reinserting the fantray to see if it spins up or an RMA might be needed.




The issue now is all fan . running full speed. 12-13k RPM . This seem slightly abnormal right

Is that possible we control the fan speed ?

System automatically adjusting the speed of individual FANs if some fail to provide adequate cooling.

Please proceed with fan tray 2 reseat as Sam suggested to see if all fans will start working. If not - RMA this fan tray.




One question is whether this is a new install, or if this chassis has been running for a while with lower fan speeds, and then this is a new issue.

If this has been in place with lower fan speeds, then it sounds like a fan tray issue.

If this is a new install, and the fans appear to run high, you can check your altitude setting:

admin show environment altitude

The default is 1800m.  The altitude setting adjusts the fan speeds to compensate for air density issues at higher altitudes.  It can be adjusted through the "admin" configuration console.


It also might be worth reviewing this post on a 9922 that was experiencing high card temperatures:


Have you checked the fan trays for fans not spinning, as Sam suggested?




This is new installation .  Looks like the fan tray issue.  We change the fan tray, and the speed is now at :

  Fan speed (rpm) and run time (in hours) :
        FAN0    FAN1    FAN2    FAN3    FAN4    FAN5

0/FT0/* (Speed) 
        8340    8310    8280    8280    8400    8310
0/FT0/* (Run Time) 
        N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A
0/FT1/* (Speed) 
        8370    8310    8280    8280    8370    8370
0/FT1/* (Run Time) 
        N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A     N/A

Environment Temperature now is :

        host    die_CPU                 34.0
        host    die_FabArbiter0         45.0
        host    die_FabArbiter1         47.0
        host    die_FIA                 44.0
        host    die_FabSwitch0          45.0
        host    die_FabSwitch1          45.0
        host    temp_u275               28.0
        host    temp_u276               37.7
        host    temp_u278               39.6
        host    temp_u277               35.5
        host    temp_u279               40.5
        host    temp_u280               52.4
        host    temp_u281               39.5
        host    temp_u282               53.9
        host    Inlet0                  28.0
        host    Hotspot0                37.7

        host    die_NP0                 67.0
        host    die_NP1                 64.0
        host    die_NP2                 61.5
        host    die_NP3                 53.0
        host    die_NP4                 60.0
        host    die_NP5                 60.0
        host    die_NP6                 65.0
        host    die_NP7                 63.5
        host    die_FIA0                53.5
        host    die_FIA1                51.0
        host    die_FIA2                58.5
        host    die_FIA3                59.0
        host    die_FabSwitch           60.0
        host    db_np_0                 55.8
        host    db_np_1                 52.6
        host    db_skt_0                48.5
        host    db_inlet                41.8
        host    bb_inlet                35.8
        host    bb_hotspot_0            50.2
        host    bb_exhoust_0            57.6
        host    bb_exhoust_1            49.8
        host    bb_hotspot_1            46.1
        host    Inlet0                  35.8
        host    Hotspot0                50.2

It shall be normal right .



That does look a lot better. 

Here is the datasheet list for the ASR 9000.  The datasheets relative to your hardware will give you the nominal operating temperatures.




yeah at the 35C inlet you'd see about 8000 rpm fan speed, so this is perfectly fine.


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