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Cisco ASR Router Software Version 4.3.1 // PRTG Custom Sensor

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We are encountering problem in doing costume SNMP sensors in PRTG, whenever I create a customized sensor, the sensor goes up and down.  We have faced this problem after updating the software of our Cisco ASR to 4.3.1. In older versions, it was working well.  Is there a problem in Cisco ASR 4.3.1 SNMP with PRTG ? I would appreciate it if you can support in this case as we are in need of these customized sensors. We have gor  all of them down because of the update


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Hi, You could check it with our SNMP tester ( and contact Paessler's support via email at Hope, you can get this solved soon!

I think we need a bit more detail as to what precisely is not working and whether the requests come in and is there a delay in responding etc.

there are some good snmp troubleshooting and performance guidance in this doc I have here that may help.

With that info, and suggestions, if there is still an issue, I may want to recommend opening a tac case.

IF this is a lab, I would also want to suggest to try 432 if that is a possibility.



Dear Alexander,

The standard sensors of PRTG are working well such as traffic sensors, ping etc, but the customized sensors are not working well in version 4.3.1. I always do a customized sensors for QoS, SLAs and others and they are working well in versions below 4.3.1.

Furthermore, I have tested those OIDs by using Paessler SNMP Tester and I have seen that the reading is not showing properly. For instance, I have a customized OID that shows the reading every 60s (as a minimum) only while in older versions of ASR software I can see the reading every 30s or below of that particular OID using the same version of PRTG!


PRTG latest version + ASR 4.3.1 = Customized sesnors are not working well

PRTG latest version + ASR Older version = Customized sesnors are working well

Kind regards,

That seems like a bug in XR431.

I know we made some changes in XR432 in relation to SNMP, if you can and it is easy enough in a lab env, I would recommend verifying that quickly to see what the results are there.

If the issue is still persistent, I would want to recommend filing a TAC case so it can be investigated from the SW side with the right debugs and perf analysis etc, as I want to have this working as it should.

Triaging this via the support forums may be a bit tricky but in case you do file a case and this is a DDTS (sw defect) then maybe you can update the thread here with that info?



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