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How much requirement for XR 3.9 upgrade to 4.0

                   Hi All,

I've to plain upgrade currently XR 3.8 to 4.0 version, now i already reading many time of step document on cisco, but i still got many issue in my mine and my Big customer mine as below;

1. I've 4 unit of CRS-1 any run many sevvices (BGP,MPLS,L2VPN,L3VPN,QOS) this services will get downtime or not?

2. We need to upgrade firmware before upgrade IOS-XR or  IOS-XR upgrade before firmware or  no need firmware upgrade?

3. PCMCIA Flashdisk now we've free 2.0G spac it's enouch or not, if not enouch how we can do it?

4. For additional Packet (MPLS,Diag) we must install after we already updrade to 4.0 or not?

So need anyone helpfull and thanks alot that any help.




Vadim Zhovtanyuk
Cisco Employee

Hi KG,

1.These service will be impacted becaue router will be reloaded

2.Normally, you may upgrade the firmware after XR upgrade

3.2Gig is enough for 4.0.0 release

4.You may install all packages at once so minimize the downtime.

I would recommend to check the procedure

It is detailed and describing all necessary steps.



many thank for for answer;

I'll try to discuss with customer on Friday,   How i've some question is

What the different functions between XR_3.9 and 4.0 can we compare two versions that which one is good than one.

Thanks many help Vadim.


Hi KG7,

There are some new features and you can read about them in Release NOtes

Hope it will help you



Hi Vadim,

Thanks again it's so cool,  and some anither issue for my plain to upgrade next week could you please final proof that

my flashsystem it's ok, ready to upgrade to XR 4.0 or not, as below;

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:sh filesystem 

Mon Sep 10 17:09:43.800 THAI
File Systems:

     Size(b)     Free(b)        Type  Flags  Prefixes
           -           -     network     rw  qsm/dev/fs/tftp:
           -           -     network     rw  qsm/dev/fs/rcp:
           -           -     network     rw  qsm/dev/fs/ftp:
     1043456      995328  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_nvram:
  6289231872  6289223680  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_harddiskb:
35706617856 35697866240  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_harddiska:
18003460608 17932029952  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_harddisk:
  2102788096  2102657024  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_disk0a:
  2102722560  1512538112  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_disk0:
    62390272    38527364  dumper-lnk     rw  qsm/dumper_bootflash:
35706617856 35697866240    harddisk     rw  harddiska:
18003460608 17932029952    harddisk     rw  harddisk:
  6289231872  6289223680    harddisk     rw  harddiskb:
  2102722560  1512538112  flash-disk     rw  disk0:
  2102788096  2102657024  flash-disk     rw  disk0a:
     1043456      995328       nvram     rw  nvram:
    62390272    38527364       flash     rw  bootflash:

Have a nice day.