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l2vpn redudancy initial-delay


So I have attempted the below config:


   pw-class test
    encapsulation mpls
      initial-delay 120
    backup disable never
   xconnect group Xconns
    p2p test
     interface GigabitEthernet0/1/0/10
     neighbor ipv4 pw-id 1
      pw-class test
      backup neighbor pw-id 2

The explanation of the command "initial-delay"

apply-group                     Apply configuration from a group
apply-group-append        Append apply-group configuration from a group
apply-group-remove        Remove a group from apply-group configuration
clear                               Clear the uncommitted configuration
commit                           Commit the configuration changes to running
describe                          Describe a command without taking real actions
do                                   Run an exec command
exclude-group                 Exclude apply-group configuration from a group
exclude-item                   Negate a command or set its defaults
exit                                 Exit from this submode
initial-delay                      Initial delay before activating the redundant PW
no                                  Negate a command or set its defaults
one-way                         Force one-way PW redundancy behavior in Redundancy Group
pwd                               Commands used to reach current submode
root                                Exit to the global configuration mode
show                              Show contents of configuration

In my understanding "Initial delay before activating the redundant PW" means that when the primary PW goes down there will be a delay before activating the backup PW. After doing a lab on VIRL with IOSXRv and IOSXR9000v the backup PW comes up immediately when the primary is detected as down. Have i got this wrong?

After scouring and the internet in general I found no documentation (???) elaborating what the command actually does. Can anyone shed some light?

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