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NG-MVPN, P2MP-TE with BGP-AD and BGP c-mcast routing

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I am using 4.3.2 on asr9k and I am trying to run NG-MVPN with P2MP-TE using BGP-AD and BGP c-mcast using the ipv4 mvpn address-family without success so far. I want to run MI-PMSI with SSM.

According to the release notes this is what is supported from 4.3.0 on asr9k

Next-Generation Multicast VPN

Next-Generation Multicast  VPN (NG-MVPN) offers more scalability for Layer 3 VPN multicast traffic.  It allows point-to-multipoint Label Switched Paths (LSP) to be used to  transport the multicast traffic between PEs, thus allowing the multicast  traffic and the unicast traffic to benefit from the advantages of MPLS  transport, such as traffic engineering and fast re-route. This  technology is ideal for video transport as well as offering multicast  service to customers of the layer 3 VPN service.

Advantages of NG-MVPN:

  • #VRF Route-Import and Source-AS Extended Communities
  • #Upstream Multicast Hop (UMH) and Duplicate Avoidance
  • #Leaf AD (Type-4) and Source-Active (Type-5) BGP AD messages
  • #Default-MDT with mLDP P2MP trees and with Static P2MP-TE tunnels
  • #BGP C-multicast Routing
  • #RIB-based Extranet with BGP AD
  • #Accepting (*,G) S-PMSI announcements
  • #Egress-PE functionality for Ingress Replication (IR) core-trees
  • #Enhancements for PIM C-multicast Routing
  • #Migration of C-multicast Routing protocol

The problem is that I cannot manage to announce route type 7 - C-Multicast router (C-S, C-G) C-Join in the bgp. The great furstration for me is also the bgp c-multicast configuration. I cannot find any information how this have to be configured.

router pim

vrf MVPN

  address-family ipv4

   rpf topology route-policy p2mp-te-default

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:LAB(config-pim-MVPN-ipv4)#   mdt  c-multicast-routing bgp ?

  announce-pim-join-tlv        Announce PIM MDT Join TLVs

  mdt-hello                    PIM Hellos over MDT(cisco-support)

  migration                    customer routing migration

  shared-tree-prune-delay      Delay before pruning I-S PMSI from S,G when SA received

  source-tree-prune-delay      Delay before removing PMSI from olist after BGP withdrawal

  suppress-pim-data-signaling  Suppress PIM data signaling

  suppress-shared-tree-join    Suppress shared tree joins

  unicast-reachability         Control addition of Extended Communities to Unicast VPN-IP routes



When I use default mLDP as a core-tree, MI-PMSI with SSM, everything is working perfect, but for RSVP P2MP-TE core-tree, no luck...

Any help on this would be appriciated.



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